Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Denmark Forever

I haven't said anything about this issue because it has been flogged to death, but there are several things I've come to doubt about the Great Danish Cartoon Blasphemy:

1. The people who keep calling for "dialogue" and "mutual respect and understanding" and similar phrases are simple-minded. Their knee-jerk calls for round-table yip-yap imply that there is some conflict to be worked out, some deal that can be negotiated or compromised, some misunderstanding that can be cleared up. But there is nothing to misunderstand. There can be no halfway measures here and there can be no mutual understanding. Free speech in the Liberal West is non-negotiable. Punishments for the imaginary crime of blasphemy in Totalitarian Islam are non-negotiable. There is nothing to talk about. The only options are victory for Free Speech or for Sharia Law. There are people in the West who, while they mean well, cannot understand that some things cannot be solved by open-hearted discussion. Imagine if you will, some of these people calling for "mutual respect and dialogue to solve our problems with the National Socialist German Workers Party" and you'll see how pointless such friendly chitchat will be with the Islamic Fascists. Try to sit down with Moqtada Sadr and come to a mutual understanding about blasphemy and see how long you live.

The values of the West and the values of Political Islamists are mutually incompatible, and the differences between them can only be solved by blood and iron.

2. The moderate or free-thinking Muslims who claim not to understand why the various newspapers felt it was necessary to do this. They're "offended" because the cartoons are racist, or paint all Muslims as terrorists, or whatever. First, Islam is not a race. Second, the bomb-turban cartoon doesn't necessarily imply that all Muslims are terrorists. I see it as pointing out that Islamic terrorists are only imitating the violent career of Muhammad, who was a warlord and terrorist and assassin himself. If you are a Westernized Muslim who does not understand why the cartoons were posted, dig up poor old Theo Van Gogh and he'll explain it to you. Or dig up Asma bint Marwan. Or the Banu Qurayza. Or if you can locate Ayaan Hirsi Ali, she'll explain it all for you.

3. The "spontaneous" protests stink of rent-a-mobs. For example, does anyone believe that the Syrian protests that lead to the destruction of embassies were not orchestrated? No one so much as spits on the sidewalk in Syria without the secret police noticing, so how did a mob manage to destroy those embassies and the Syrian police state not be involved?

4. The selective outrage of the Muhammadan Fascists. Did any of them protest four years ago when the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem was occupied by jihadists and hostages were held? Wasn't this a blasphemy against one of the prophets of Islam?

Quote for this Post: "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it." -- Voltaire

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