Monday, June 27, 2005

Test Post

This is a test post

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zan said...

this is a response for your comment on fayrouz's blog:

thomas, you are a sly and a cheep opportunist. this must be a wonderfull opportunity for you and for the rest of your cohort that dominate american politics and academia to tarnish islam and further your morbid cause. people like you educate themselves on islam just so that they can discredit it intelliegently. yes sir, islam is bad; it is terrible in my view. but it is just as terrible as the religion you yourself follow. you are either a jew or a christian zionist. if you are jewish, may i remind you of worse attrocities that your people have commited (and still commit) against the palestians and in the face of the international community all in the name of your torah? may i remind you of the way egyptian jews stole jewelry from egypt the night they left? if you are a christian zionist, may i remind you of the crusades and how they were worse than yesterday's suicide attack? may i remind you of the anti-abortion bombers here in the states? i dont need to remind you at all because you are aware of these FACTS...what's happening here is that you think that we are unaware of these FACTS. dont worry sir, america has plenty of people who have not been brainwashed yet. shame on you and your cohorts.